Emma Pearse

Creative PR & Brand Strategy with warmth and hustle

Emma is an energetic collaborator, passionate about helping people and brands navigate the wild worlds of media, communications and self promotion.

The media landscape can be bewildering and even seem hostile. And for many, self promotion is a dirty word(s). With over 20 years experience in Australian, US and international media, Emma is in her element as a PR and brand specialist, helping innovative and socially conscious brands clarify their story and become thought leaders and a part of the daily conversation. She is a natural writer and storyteller, and offers promotional and media strategy that starts dialogues, provokes thoughts and lasts well beyond the daily clickosphere. She mentors high profile creatives who are busy with their real work. She leads content campaigns for small and global businesses that audiences want to follow. She whips up innovative stunts and events. And she is an expert at massaging a PR pitch into all sorts of surprising angles for high value media wins. She works with entrepreneurial and creative clients in arts and entertainment, eco travel and tourism, technology and eCommerce, fashion and sustainable design, and social justice, health and wellness.

In her “other” life, Emma has published one non fiction book (self promo: Oprah mag liked it!) and published essays and articles for The New York Times, New York magazine, the Guardian, Elle, Vogue, Spirituality & Health... and more. She has launched her clients into mainstream and industry publications in Australia, the US, Germany and the UK.


PR is both a sister to marketing as well as a unique establishing tool: while social media drives leads with its messaging, PR builds your legacy that will have both immediate and long term impact. While social media is constantly revolving — and those delightful, elusive Insta Stories disappear within 24 hours — quality PR lasts, and can continue driving exposure well beyond its initial publication. Often for years!

Emma sees PR as an integral element to your holistic and brand strategy — the story you’re telling to your customers and clients should be the same story you’re sharing in the media and both nurture and motivate the other. That means leading the way with events and partnerships that open doors and provoke imaginations. Sometimes it means being flexible and fitting into conversations that are happening in the media — which is shaped by readers, who are… your audience! Ultimately, Emma strikes a balance so that your brand is making a difference and influencing the public conversation that your audience is integral to. Make sense?

Everything is circular. Business can feel tunnel visioned — Emma directs the flow while you focus on your tunnel.