Emma Pearse

Creative PR & Brand Strategy with warmth and hustle

Emma is an energetic collaborator, passionate about helping people and brands navigate the wild worlds of self promotion, media and communications.

The media landscape can be bewildering and even seem hostile. And for many, self promotion is a dirty word(s). With over 20 years experience in both Australian and US media, Emma is in her element as a PR and brand specialist, helping innovative and high flying brands clarify their story and become part of the daily conversation. She is a natural writer and storyteller, and offers promotional and media strategy that starts dialogues, provokes thoughts, and lasts well beyond the daily clickosphere. She mentors high profile creatives who are busy with their real work. She leads content campaigns for startups and small businesses that audiences and clients want to follow. And she will whip a PR pitch into all sorts of surprising angles for high value media wins. She works with entrepreneurial and creative clients in social justice and the arts, technology and eCommerce, fashion and sustainable design, and health and wellness.

In her “other” life, Emma has published one non fiction book (self promo: Oprah mag liked it!) and published essays and articles for The New York Times, New York magazine, the Guardian, Elle, Vogue, Spirituality & Health... and more. She has launched her clients into mainstream and industry publications in Australia, the US and UK.

Content Strategy & Copywriting

Howling Eagle Productions (2017-2018: Please check out this incredible project on the refugee crisis. )

Interiors Inspiration Blog (2017-2018)

Feature Writing

Breathing is the New (Old) Yoga (Vogue.com, August 2016)

The Creole Soul of the New New Orleans (The Guardian, May 2016)

What I Learned at a Psycho-Spiritual Retreat About Forgiveness (Elle, February 2016)

Winemakers Cultivate a 718 Terroir (The New York Times, October 2015)

Cobblestones: Fashionably Frozen in Time (The New York Times, March 2015)

 9 Miles, 5 Days, 1 Broken Ankle in the Australian Desert (Medium, May 2015)

A Mexican Road Trip with a Vintage Travel Guide The Guardian, October 2015)

Dancing with the Fishes at a Restaurant in Queens (The New York Times)

Why Can't Romance Novels Get Any Love? (Smithsonian)

36 Hours in Canberra (The New York Times)

Indie Film Column (Tribeca Film Festival)

Home and a Bay: Beyond Byron (The Guardian, UK)

Cat Power (New York magazine)

NYC Diners—the history, the romance, the decline (Voyeur: Virgin Airlines magazine)

Lena Dunham: Girls Behaving Badly (Sydney Morning Herald)

NYC to Kakadu (Voyeur magazine)

An Adoptee, Exposed (Salon)

Germany's Low Birth Rate (Women's eNews)