Emma Pearse

Writer, editor, content & brand strategist

Emma is a writer, editor, PR and content specialist living between Australia and NYC. She is a creative consultant on marketing, book and digital media projects. Her passion is for working with independent brands and initiatives with focuses on social justice, the arts, sustainable design and health and wellness.

Emma has published personal essays and written wellness, culture, and travel features for The New York Times, New York magazine, the Guardian, Elle, Vogue, Spirituality & Health... and more. When not collaborating with awesome businesses, she is slowly at work on her second book. For her first book, which is in bookstores worldwide, Emma retraced the true story of an heroic Blue Heeler who, in 2010, survived in the Australian wild for six months after disappearing overboard from her family boat near the Great Barrier Reef. (Sophie: The Incredible True Story of the Castaway Dog even got a write up on Oprah. See "My Book" page.)

I've always written personal essays, connecting my story with the stories and culture that make this big, messy world so moreish. In 2015, I got serious: started meditating, spending travel money on retreats rather than parties...and now I write about the lessons I learn from the beautiful places—some rustic, some chic—and people and mentors who I inevitably bond with.  I've meditated, chanted, bawled in so many public places...and find the world of mindfulness and mindful travel life-saving and fascinating.


How to Get Really Good at Dying (Spirituality & Health magazine, January 2017)

Get Over Yourself: Envision World Peace (Spirituality & Health magazine, January 2017)

Forgive Her: Write a Letter To Your Inner Child (Spirituality & Health.com, December 2016)

Breathing is the New (Old) Yoga (Vogue.com, August 2016)

What I Learned at a Psycho-Spiritual Retreat About Forgiveness (Elle, February 2016)